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Fogo Guide

The creole guide on Fogo

I'm one of few certified guides on Fogo/Cape Verde.
Guiding and organizing your stay in my beautiful homeland is what I offer to you.

You like to visit the Caldeira or climb up the volcano Pico do Fogo, make a tour around the island to see some Islands highligts?

What's about an authentic cap verdean dinner? I know good places and can explain everything about the food and drinks, best side by side while eating.

If you are interested, I show you how we live here in Cape Verde.
Ask your "Creole Guide".
I was born and raised on Fogo. So I am familiar with the creole culture on Fogo.

In my family we have different types of work: some work in agriculture, my uncle is police man in São Filipe, and my profession is to guide tourists like you.

When you will be guided by me, I show you the beautiful places of my island.
Some first impressions of the island you find in the following pictures, but for more: browse the sides via the menu on the left!

Ask for the prices - they are good in comparison to a non guided tour by taxi or a non guided trip with a hired car.

Guided by me you will

  • see more interesting sites of the island
  • be better informed about creole culture
  • more safe on volcano tour
  • ... just get a better holiday
I show you all the must have seen places and take care of your safeness.

Look here: I arrange all you need for your stay.
Here you find some tours I offer to you. Your suggestion will be kindly considered.

See you on Fogo, contact me: call me via E-mail!

By the way: if you have laundry, I will organize a reliable cleaning service for you.