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Here some Suggested trips:

  • Climb up the Pico do Fogo:
    and be on top:
    be impressed of the unique view:
  • Climb up the Pico Pequeno:
    see the latest eruption with lasting activity and feel the power of volcanism,
    See some impressions on my website here:
    Impressions around the Pico Pequeno
  • Caldeira:
    see the villages in the sign of the volcano
  • Bordeira / via Ferrata:
    make a large tour with exciting and wourld unique panoramic view
  • City tour São Filipe:
    make a sightseeing tour through the capital city of Fogo
  • Trip around the island:
    see different parts of the island and experience the way we live on Fogo.
    See some impressions on my website here:
    Impressions of guided tours
  • La Salina:
    enjoy the natural archway and go swimming
    See some impressions on my website here:
    Impressions La Salina
  • Wine, Cashew, Coffee and more cultivation:
    come to know about agriculture in Caldera or landscape and taste our excellent wines
  • Cloud forrest and Agriculture near Mosteiros

    be impressed from the green side of the island

Go around

For your convenience and security, I organize a reliable driver with a modern car.