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Some impressions of my work around the Pico do Fogo

For impressions of the Caldeira and the other island highlights follow these links:
See other highlights:
"Sao Filipe"

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Here to go:
(here to go.jpg)
You will enjoy your stay on Fogo.
I organize a reliable driver with a modern car to trip around.
On the way up, I tell you what's to know about
agriculture, scenery and our way of life.
See the great volcan, the Pico do Fogo:
Pico do Fogo at sunrise:

I take a look on you, when you explore the landscape:
I show you interessting objects and explain the background:
Let's go here up!
Here to go:
Now one of the last steps:
We got it!
The tourist and I are happy on the top of the Pico do Fogo!
Even children are able to go up!
It's for the hole family:
When we climbed up the Pico do Fogo,
I show you what to see in the caldera.
Enjoy the breathtaking view:
Going down, we will have a lot of fun:
... everybody ...
... even the children ...
... with speed:
We enjoyed and feel glad:

Running down the hill as a short YouTube Video (8 sec) follow here (new window).

The villages in the caldera give you a nice view.
See more on of the caldeira on this side here:

Come to Fogo - see the best places!
Contact me!
Follow this link to get in contact.