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Last Eruption on Fogo

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Some impressions of my work in the Caldeira

For impressions of the Pico do Fogo and the other island highlights follow these links:
"Pico do Fogo"
"Sao Filipe"

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At entrance of natural parc you get a first view to Pico do Fogo:
In effect of last eruption of Pico Pequeno, lava blocked the road:
Here you see from Pico do Fogo down to the caldeira:
Enjoy the last erupted Pico Pequeno:
See more of the big volcan, the Pico do Fogo:
on the sides here: "Pico do Fogo"
Typical round cottage in Caldeira:
The villages in the caldera give you a nice view:
You want to get an authentic meal?
I will organize it for you.
Have fun with home made music on Fogo:
Walking through the caldeira:
See the green side of Fogo:
Majestic Orleander:
Ever wonder about castoir oil on ingredient list on your vanishing creme?
I show you where it's from:
(Castor Oil02.jpg)

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