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Fogo Guide

The "Fogo Guides" are born and raised on Fogo.
We know the well known highlights as well as some secret places and have contact to resident people on Fogo and other islands.
We are all certified guides for all Cape Verde Islands.
Therefore we have a lot of experience to guide you.
So our profession is to guide tourists like you.

For your pleasant trip, we offer you guided tours in different languages on all Cape Verde Islands:

  • English
  • Français
  • Español
  • Italiano

Here you see one of our guides:

His name is Papinha. He is a really sportive man and love to do marathon. Two times he won the 21 km marathon in Portugal.

Travel infos

You can go to Fogo by airplane with Binter (see external link)
It is also possible to go to Fogo via Fast Ferry Kriola (see external link),
You might book directly or ask your travel agency.
Fast Ferry Kriola offers connections between Praia/Santiago and Sao Filipe/Fogo:
Look for time table Praia-Fogo here (external link),
Look for time table Fogo-Praia here (external link),
Some tourist told us they find medicine against motion sickness as helpfull if you are sensitive.