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City of Sao Filipe, Fogo Island

In São Filipe you should buy what you need for excursions and get money, because only here you find cash maschines.
I offer you a guided tour through the city of São Filipe to see the most importand highlights. These are in mean:
  • Impression of São Filipe
  • Sobrado
    The old city center, called Bila Baxo, at about 40 m above the sea. It is known for its architecture - the colonial houses called Sobrados. São Filipe was proposed to be inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites because of these historic buildings.
  • Church
    The catholic church of the town Nossa Senhora da Conceição built at the end of the 19th century.
  • Market Hall
    The Market Hall offers a lot of different products from agriculture and fishing, as well as clothes and many more. Here you find african feeling and might buy fresh exotic fruit.
  • Beautiful Sunset on the beach under Sao Filipe...
  • View to Caldeira
    The view to Caldeira
    From São Filipe, the outer border of Caldeira is well seen.
  • View to island Brava
    From here you get a beautiful view to island Brava
  • In the evening after the dinner I might organize for us,
    we can play the Capeverdian game called Uril: